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Install our Remote Agent

Click on the link to install NCI's Support Agent.

This will facilitate NCI assisting you with any issues relating to your computer.

Depending on your service level with you, installing the agent allows the following:

  1. ability to remote onto your computer with your permission.

  2. collection of logs to review any issues or faults.

  3. ability to run routine maintenance activities to keep your machine working efficiently and securely.

  4. ability to monitor and alert you of issues.

You will have peace of mind that we are here to help you.

We achieve this by?

Developing trust with new clients, listening to existing issues, documenting requirements and providing a plain English plan moving forward. Then.

NCI reviews your IT environment, including equipment, systems, and configuration. Then calculates the time taken to support, manage and progress systems… add the costs of providing the service and apportion the total cost over 3 to 5 year contracts.

Plus there is ongoing service, handover plans and improvements to consider.

Allowing for

  • Expenditure planning and forecasting

  • Standard hardware and software

  • Suitable business wide software licensing plans

  • Easy to use systems

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • Modern Security models

  • Optimised system performance

  • Suitable protection from modern and evolving threats.

  • Standard processes (new user, existing user, archiving, training)

  • Great Remote Support and Management thru our local service desk

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