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Smart IT

Forged from Consulting Services

Supporting Businesses for over 20 years

NCI - Australia and New Zealand Distributor

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What makes NCI a compelling business partner?
Try trust, personalised service, skills, experience & most importantly we listen!
Managed Services


NCI's difference is in its skilled, experienced, capable, service delivery team. Ensuring  multiple projects and infrastructure are implemented fast, efficiently and effectively. Transforming your business

Day to day business operations rely on a solid IT framework.


To ensure your business remains competitive and online, NCI delivers well supported,robust, flexible and cost effective managed services.


Our fit for purpose solutions combine NCI's skills in reviewing, advising, designing and implementing suitable technology that reduces costs, risks and enables smarter business processes.


Our Transformation projects free your business from costly outages, manual errors and legacy systems. Whilst introducing your company to progressive modern business processes.

Consulting Services


NCI's experienced, helpful and skillfull consultants provide recommendations on evaluating, securing, designing and transforming technology platforms. 



NCI partners with all major suppliers to strategically source all the necessary, equipment, software, cloud and licensing that modern business demands.

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