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Our Services

A fast, effective consultative approach.

IT Consulting


An engaging consulting service that offers swift reviews, technical clarity and advice based on our experience and knowledge. An assessment is vital in business today. NCI started in business as IT Strategic Planners and continue to to provide whole of business IT plans that underpin, equipment and technology solutions. Engagements are available from 1/2 day onwards and meet IT reviews, DR, design, network, hybrid and many other objectives. Providing a business with the insight on how and where technology can assist or needs addressing. 


Technical implementation services incorporating, project management, training and delivery service are a standard part of NCI's service. Combined with documentation and a clear understading of the requirements of business, NCI is able to complete small and large scale project work on a fast and flexible time frame.

IT Architecture and Design


NCI's Architecture and Design underpins and provides the foundation and plan for a good IT system. Including secured access, mitigates against risk. Delivering a robust environment whilst ensuring the business systems are managed and supported appropriately. A solid design from the get go guards against typical pitfalls.

Tender Mangement


NCI's Enterprise Services includes going out to tender, writing the documents or providing the management of tender responses.

SharePoint Development


NCI delivers branded SharePoint sites, applications and document workflow. Our developers and connect your onsite or cloud database to SharePoint and enable BI functionality (Dashboard) that tracks key business KPI's and targets. Sites including Leave, Policy, Approval forms and document tracking are also available

Managed Services Provider

Managing IT internally can be expensive, all consuming and counter productive. NCI's Managed Services delivers skills, experience and capability to provide a complying technical, support service on a predictable monthly budget. NCI's Managed Services with Performance Delivery enables companies to focus on business delivery, confident that their IT systems remain reliable and secure.

Strategy Design

NCI's Strategy and Design service delivers a review of key technical area's within a business. The report is a straight forward presentation.  Delivering the information that business owners or a board needs to prioritise and target next steps.

IT Reviews and Assessments


NCI provides assessment and reviews on business systems, technical risk, DRP, and supporting services. Specifically aimed at drawing out inefficiencies, business risk, quantifying cost and validating appropriate supporting services. Often engaged at the time of a significant business change, board or audit requirement, or simply validatation that system are at the expected support level.

Service Now

NCI's Service now covers 3 main service area's. Contracted, occasional and specific skilled offerings.

Programs are tailored to your business or individual requirements and can cover skill shortfalls, full support engagements or when employees are on leave.


NCI's Office 365 Training delivers startup to advanced training services.

Startup training includes the use of Exchange Online, Email and Calanders Onedrive, Lync.

Advanced training covers Outlook workflows, addin's, rules, automation and similarly advanced features in OneDrive, SharePoint and Lync. 

Performance Delivery

Equipment, systems and applications    require monitoring, maintenance optimisation and management to keep running.

NCI's Performance Delivery provides clever  monitoring, tuning and alerting that keeps systems online, safe and accessible. Reducing the risk of unplanned outages and managing risk mitigation processes such as backups, DR triggers and performance hits.


Knowledge, skills and experience in understanding and resolving issues is our strength. Ranging from the most complex of issues to simple education and fault resolution.

Solid technical training, troubleshooting methodology and understanding allow us to investigate either escalated tickets from our partners, as part of engagement processes or day to day operations..

IT Business Process Mapping

NCI delivers BA services to workshop through processes where they are not documented or to confirm those that are. 

Engagements are often around automating manual tasks, report writing documentation amd new/old business systems. Helping you improve your current practices or assist with a new business applciaiton to do these for you. 

Cloud Business Migration


NCI navigates through the many Cloud Service and migration methods available today.  Explains the benefits, costs, and migration plans then delivers the service to your business. Combined with Managed Services, SharePoint Development and an IT Strategy we deliver a compelling total solution for your business.


NCI's database developers are skilled in the Microsoft Platforms and provide connections into most recognised relational and non relational databases. NCI can deliver a database and application from the ground up and or connect older databases into mordern front ends.

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