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IT Reviews and Assessments

Independent system review and swift take over.


NCI was engaged to take over a manufacturing companies systems from an incumbent provider.  Then from a detailed assessment, present a comprehensive independent systems and risk review. The engagement was completed swiftly and seamlessly with the added complexity that no previous systems information or documentation was available.

IT Reviews and Assessments
IT Business Alternatives - Digital Transformation

The engagement involved NCI completing an assessment new design of an antiquated file sharing network. Additionally an office move was required with the supply of all new equipment, data centre and structured cabling.  Completed in 3 months, the projects deliverables included; Office 365 Hybrid model connected and secured to virtual servers, Remote published apps, SharePoint Workflow, VLAN's switching and Wi-Fi access, mobile connection to all necessary system, a DR model and a complete audit on. A true digital transformation continued with new and improved processes to follow.

IT Business Alternatives
Managed Service Provider

Recently taken on the IT support role for a client who's IT systems were unknown and completely out of control. Typical of some clients who have experienced rapid growth without the necessary processes or information in place. NCI performed the initial investigation, developed the required IT documentation, network diagrams and 3rd party contacts for the support of the business. A centralised friendly service desk to log IT support calls was added and a risk profile implemented with prioritised risks managed out.

Managed Service Provider
IT Process & Troubleshooting

Database not responding and Backups were failing.


A client using MOVEX over a Dell server farm. Data imports, reporting and backups were impossibly slow causing the database to become unstable and backups fail. NCI proposed a fibre channel backbone and new RAID 10 fibre channel disk array with a separate Backup VLAN, switching and backup appliance. Backup jobs became trigger based with alerts covering process events. A successful implementation and monitoring program by NCI solved the problems.

IT Process & Troubleshooting
Cloud Business Migration

Office move and co-ordination, Cloud business migration, Office 365, Mac integration, More.


A client that faced data loss, unstable systems and connection problems also needed an office built and prepared ready to move into with improved systems.


On the run NCI took control co-ordinated trades, moved the business, designed a complex data centre, implemented Office 365 with advanced features and supported the business moving forward.

Cloud Business Migration
Compliance - Licensing

Licensing Audit requests


Licensing audit requests from any vendor are alarming. Inaccurate records, organizational changes can introduce a high financial risk. NCI have completed license investigations, audits, vendor checks to develop a gap analysis. Working with the client and vendors to adopt the right licensing model to solve the problem. Additional governance and process to keep you on track.

Wi-Fi Design and Implementation

Wi-Fi Security and Design.


NCI provided wireless surveys. We were then selected to design install and manage a complex array of wireless access points, guest, end user and security networks.

Wi-Fi Security and Design
Compliance Licensing
Database - Access Online

Power BI and Business Reporting through Access and SharePoint Online

Though NCI's experience in development and data modelling, migrated an existing Microsoft Access database into Office 365 Access online. Accessed this data, creating a connections to other data sources such as MySQL to create Power BI reports with the ability to deliver an interactive dashboard of company performance.

Database Access Online
SharePoint Development

A client required a project completed to electrically digitise 100' of boxes of information in multiple formats. Including  books, folders, papers, folios and more. All information was scanned, OCR'd and index'd. A Sharepoint Application was developed to present a searchable interface that delivers information on all managed index's.

SharePoint Development
Office Move - Fit Out

Completed full office move and fit out. Working with various trades to ensure a smooth transition to the new office without disruption. The client allows NCI as its trusted adviser to be engaged from the planning phase ensuring that the office was able to accommodate its IT requirements. NCI also engaged to assist in the project management to allow the client to focus on its business.

Office Move - Fit Out
VOIP - Telephony

Replacement of an antiquated and unreliable phone service with a new VOIP system which allowed this business to move offices fast and with ease. A reduction in call cost with the flexible  management of calls backed by a friendly and efficient support desk. Taking communication with valued clients and vendors to the next level.

Telephony VOIP
Security Email Spam

Layered based security models secure to days companies.


A client that required improved corporate security over their IP chose this model . Replacing a simple firewall, with a more advanced layered security approach, then using email filtering, SharePoint file access instead of network shares and advanced Wi-Fi security allowed modern, secure and manageable access to company data. Ask us how?

Security Email SPAM
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