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"Be cyber wise, don’t compromise"

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, a good time to focus on checking and improving your cyber security for business and home. A couple of simple steps is all it takes...

1. Update your devices regularly

2. Turn on multi-factor authentication

3. Backup your important files

4. Use passphrases and password managers.

Dashlane is not only the most secure, simple to use password manager on the market, but it's the only password manager with phishing protection and alerts.  With Dashlane Business, companies can also protect their staff at work and home. Building a culture of awareness and security..

Want to know more? Contact NCI now we have some exciting deals to support Cyber Security Awareness month to keep you cyberwise. Take the small step this October with the complimentary trial.

NCI is proud be listed as a 2023 Cyber Champion committed to making Australia and New Zealand the most secure places to connect online.

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