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Cloud Consulting

A fast, effective consultative approach.

NCI Cloud Consulting

Designed to swiftly investigate suitable technologies that allow for a Cloud or On-Premise data transformation to be successful.


Allowing clients to migrate and access data, applications and workload reliably, mitigating against errors of design and lack of integration which derail many transformation projects.

We achieve this by?

Developing trust with new clients, listening to existing issues, documenting requirements and providing a plain English consulting, whilst..

  • Utilising experienced consultants

  • Assessment of client applications, processes, equipment and requirements

  • Leveraging from an understating of vendor capabilities

  • Building out necessary client business processes

  • Detailing bottle necks, technologies or products that are unsuitable

  • Delivering an achievable solution


Plus there is  ongoing service, handover, improvements and more..

Allowing for

  • Technology review checklists on retain, refresh, retire models

  • Business appetite for risk

  • Multi-vendor solutions

  • Maintaining of business activities concurrently

  • Integration of a broad range of technologies

  • Keeping an open consulting mind

  • Validating capabilities of vendors, project groups and implementation teams

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              Why NCI for Cloud Consulting?



Organisations use On Premise Systems, the Cloud SaaS and the like to solve problems and accelerate their business ideas.


Too often the initial design and basis for a change is often not thought through. Leading to problems in the migration phase or down the track.  Resulting in blown budgets and hasty decisions to right the project.


NCI Cloud Consulting is based on bucket loads of experience, solid vendor knowledge and understanding of what is achievable.


Leading to complexity and costs that are reduced. Pragmatic decisions on where workloads are placed, applications are retained and suitable network links are suitable.


The customer experience becomes predictable.

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